DIGITAL TURN RATIO METER (DG-TTE-617M), is designed to measure Turn Ratio of power and distribution transformers. The instrument uses ratiometric method for measurement to achieve high accuracy.

The instrument is overload and short-circuit protected electronically. The unit offers a measurement range from 1.000 to 199.99 in two ranges i.e.19.999 and 199.99 with digital display.

The instrument is direct-reading type and no balancing is required. A stable sine wave is generated and fed to L.T. of the transformer under test (‘X’ transformer). It uses four wire method to excite LT to compensate for any line drop.

The phase and amplitude of H.T. output of ‘X’ transformer are measured and displayed digitally. The polarity is indicated with + or – sign. The unit is 12V sealed rechargeable battery operated and provided with built-in battery charger. The polarity error will be reflected in the result by the sign of reading a –ve sign will indicate wrong phase connection.

The unit is provided with a keyboard to enter serial no of the transformer under test along with information of phase under test. The data is stored in the memory of the unit. Built memory is provided for storing 500 set of data.

The unit is 12V battery operated and built- in battery charger along with 12V, 4.5AH Maintenance free batteries are provided for field use.

The unit is provided with serial RS232 port to enable stored data transfer to PC on command. The data may be  imported into Excel for further analysis.

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