Regulated D.C. Power Supply (DG-PSE-PPPS), is a high current, high-performance power supply suitable for continuous use. The power supply has been designed with the latest technology using integrated circuits to provide high regulation and efficiency. The ergonomic approach in the design of front panel facilitates ease in operation of controls.

Special design of the pre-regulator minimizes the losses and ensures complete safety of output transistors. The output regulator is of linear type and provides high regulation with fewer ripples.

The pre-regulator keeps complete track of the input-output voltage differential and therefore power dissipation in output linear regulator is always maintained to a lower level. This greatly improves the reliability.

Independent Digital metering of both, output voltage and the output current is provided to ensure better resolution and high metering accuracy. Fast acting overload and short-circuit protection circuit (CV/CC) is provided for complete safety of the power supply.

Separate digital displays are provided for output voltage and current metering with a resolution of 0.01 V and 0.01A respectively. Digital displays are also provided for Power output and Energy with a resolution of 0.01 w and 0.01Wh respectively. The output voltage and output current may be programmed by front panel controls throughout the range. The unit displays voltage / Current / Power and Energy consumed by the output circuit.

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