Pulse Plating Power Supply (DG-PSE-PPPS), is a high-performance power supply which can be used as a programmable waveform generator. It is ideally suitable for general electrochemical measurements.

The unit is microcontroller based and fully programmable. The parameters can also be programmed through PC using suitable software.

The output voltage & current, on/off time may be programmed on a wide range through the keyboard. The test duration may be programmed from 1 second to 30000 seconds. Total time of operation is also programmable.

In pulse plating, DC power supplies a series of short pulses to the plating bath, rather than continuous current. Simply put, interrupted DC current is used to electroplate a substrate. These pulse cycles can be regulated at predetermined rates of up to 500 Hz.

The output power transistors circuit is over-temperature protected. In case heat sink temperature of power transistors raises above 80 ºC the unit goes into shutdown mode.

Pulse plating has been used in applications plating gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, nickel, copper, chromium, nickel/iron and many others. Some advantages have also been found in pulse plating of gold/tin, tin and tin/lead. In recent years, pulsed electropolishing has also been used in the medical industry.

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