Maximum Service Temperature Apparatus (DG-IS-MSTA), is a microprocessor based instrument designed to measure and display the Thermal Resistance of loose filled insulating materials, using hot plate method as per guidelines of Standard: EN 14706. The instrument is automatic and programmable; designed with latest integrated circuit technology. The instrument displays the measured value directly in engineering units.

The samples of the material to be tested are placed on top of a horizontal hot plate fitted on a furnace. The furnace consists of a heater and a sample loading and thickness measuring arrangement. The building blocks of the thermal resistance apparatus is a data logger cum temperature controller. The temperature measurement is done by embedded thermocouples on a hot plate. Five thermocouples are mounted on a hot plate and one thermocouple is provided to monitor the temperature of other locations, as desired.  All channels are displayed on the local display. The voltage & current fed to the heater are also displayed on analogue meters.

Real-time, working temperature is programmable. The Temperature Controller controls the temperature of the hot plate. The temperature setting may be done continuously throughout the operating range. The instrument is mains operated and supplied completely ready to operate along with Operating and Instructions Manual. Suitable window based software is provided to collect data from data logger and provide R-value with the trend graph and report in PDF format.

Window based software:

Window based software is provided to program / monitor and calculation of K-value. Online data and the graph is displayed for all the channels along with time stamp.

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