Our Digital Time Interval Meter (DG-TTE-DTIM), offers high efficiency in measuring the time of operation of various protective relays. It is also effective in measuring the opening and closing time of circuit-breakers with high resolution and accuracy. The versatility in selecting different operating modes makes it extremely useful for field operation. Integrated circuit construction ensures accuracy and reliability even at the smallest time interval measurement.

The front panel contains a display window, ON/OFF switch, one RESET push button, one LATCH/UPDATE switch, one RANGE switch and two selector switches to select different START/STOP modes. A set of four terminals is provided on the front panel for connecting start-stop signals.

High accuracy and repeatability have been achieved by using high-frequency crystal and C-MOS technology. An overflow indication is also provided by blinking of the display.  The instrument is portable and mains operated. The instrument is protected against overloads/short-circuits and provided with reverse polarity indicator in the case of start/top by step negative voltages.

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