Digital Strain Indicator (DG-ME-DSI-Cxx), is designed for direct measurement of strain. Strain gauges are used as sensors while being arranged in the full bridge & half bridge configuration. Use of advanced electronic integrated circuitry makes it efficient to measure as accurately as 0.1% of the reading.

The bridge is excited by a highly stabilized, low ripple D.C. Power Supply (5V nominal). The inherent imbalance of the bridge is initially balanced by the potentiometer provided on the board. The output of the bridge is amplified by a precise, low drift, low noise & highly stabilized D.C. amplifier and is available in analog form on request. The instrument is calibrated to display direct microstrains for one active arm.

The instrument has a very wide range of application in the industrial field of Mechanical and Civil Engineering, Mining, Spinning, Ship and Aircraft Building and various research and development Laboratories.

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