Mr. A K Goel

A technology enthusiast with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee), he’s a very creative, and innovative person. He’s always involved with developing a new product while experimenting with new ideas or learning new technologies. His immense design prowess was evident from his engineering days at the University of Roorkee, where he won first prize in University’s Annual Electronics Exhibition, 1975 for developing an Earth Leakage Detector.

He started manufacturing electronics products from as early as 1977 and his efforts culminated into founding Digitech with his partner, Mr. L K Gupta. He has been the pioneer in developing better and cheaper substitutes of several expensive foreign electronic instruments indigenously. These products till date remain the monopoly of Digitech. He has been the talent and visionary, along with his partner, to take Digitech from a small company to being the powerhouse of innovation.

Some of his skills are mentioned below.

System Design

Proficient in all aspect of product design cycle such as Product Conceptualization, Specifications Finalization, easy and intuitive User Interface Design, Microcontroller Hardware /Firmware Design, Application Software Design, R&D Management, Hardware and Software Integration, Debugging, Testing Schedule Creation and Overall Management of Product Development.

Software Development

  • Fluent in programming the 8051 and AVR family derivatives using Franklin / Keil ‘C’ language development tools in conjunction with assemble language programming to optimize the speed in critical events.
  • RTOS used, RTX51 and uC/OS.
  • RS485 based distributed monitoring and control using Optomux protocol.
  • Modem programming for remote instrument programming, data retrieval.

EDA Tools: Schematic capturing using Eagle Pcb, OrCAD SDT, PCB design using Orcad PCB etc.

Mr.L K Gupta

A technocrat with a Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communications Engineering from IIT Roorkee (erstwhile University of Roorkee),  and a flair for the academics, Mr. Lalit Kumar Gupta is the support structure on whose shoulders the company runs. After having completed his degree in 1975, Mr. Gupta helped his department as Assistant Engineer for three years, and then as the Instrumentation System Engineer for another three years. These formative years of his career shaped him into a talented technologist with a strong desire to develop electronics equipment and help his country’s industrial development.

As with everything that is destined to happen, his desire manifested into his partnership with Mr. Goel in 1984. They hit it off right from the beginning and started doing what they loved the most, playing with technology. In 1984, they formally registered the company as a partnership.

With the flair for designing and developing electronic equipment, both the partners have been at the forefront of innovation. They have developed several cost-effective and durable substitutes for import-only products, various testing and measuring instruments for industry and academic institutions just to name a few. They have nurtured the talent to design and develop any kind of electronic equipment and software according to customer requirements.

Mr. Gupta, with his knack for execution, took over the operations and production as well. He has been the wheel that runs the whole company; the magician who turns ideas into reality. Under his aegis, Digitech has earned a name for the impeccable quality of its products, and a strong client satisfaction track record.

Some of his skills are mentioned below.

System Design and Equipment Production

Proficient in all aspect of product design cycle such as Product Conceptualization, Specifications Finalization, Microcontroller Hardware, Equipment Hardware Design, Production and Testing Schedule Creation and Testing of Equipment, Overall Management of Product Development.